Company Profile

Shenzhen PioCreat 3D Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 and is an early manufacturer of 3D printer equipment. Based on our independent R&D and self-innovation, we completely own independent intellectual property rights on our products. We focus on the R&D, production and sales of 3D printers for advertising sign, jewellery and dentistry, and large-size additive manufacturing. Relying on years of professional 3D printing R&D and manufacturing technology precipitation, through continuous innovation, we provide excellent 3D printers and solutions services for customers in advertising, jewelry, medical and dental, automobile, hand-made model and other industries.

We have a large-scale production base covering an area of 10,000 square meters, complete R&D, manufacturing and after-sales services, and strong technical strength. We have advanced large-scale R&D centers, 3D printing laboratories, new materials research institutes and modern production lines in China, with 24-hour uninterrupted professional testing lines and strict quality control systems to ensure product quality from the source.

"Quality depends on professionalism, and brand depends on service." We will rely on professional development, based in China, facing the world, and becoming a world-renowned enterprise in the application of 3D printing industry.


User-oriented, technology for good


Honest in words and deeds, guarding credibility


Dare to be the first, create value

Take charge of

Focus on action, dare to act


Work together and help each other


Walk together, create and share together


Customer first, service attentively

Social responsibility

Empower the industry with technology

Relying on years of 3D printing R&D and manufacturing technology, we provide industry-leading advertising word 3D printers, supporting equipment, consumables and solutions

Leading development with service

Complete R&D, manufacturing, and after-sales systems, strong technical strength, and continue to provide customers with superb services.

Achieve the future with quality

We have an advanced large-scale R&D center, 3D printing laboratory, new material research institute and modern production line in our country, with 24-hour uninterrupted professional testing line and strict quality control system to ensure product quality from the source.

Chasing the world dream with innovation

Adhering to the concept of "let dreams come true today, transcend reality tomorrow", we cooperate with technology universities such as Shenzhen University to combine production, learning, and research to cultivate scientific and technological innovation talents.

Company environment

Office environment

Shenzhen PioCreat 3D Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing every employee with a comfortable, humane, and open working environment, so that employees can work happily and realize their value in life.

A corner of the factory

Our factory locates in Longhua District, Shenzhen, covering an area of 10,000m², equipped with dining room, a small shop, basketball courts, activity rooms and other leisure areas.

3D laboratory

We have a modern high-precision 3D printing laboratory to meet our company independent research and development needs, and it is also open to customers to provide customers with the most optimized 3D printing solutions.

Employee activity

A variety of activities are held every month, so that employees can feel fulfilled in their work, feel happy in the activities, integrate into our Piocreat culture, and share a bright future together.