Creatwit visited Shaanxi Sign Industry Association


The breeze is harmonious and the spring is in harmony. As the 58th Xi’an Advertising Signs/Office Printing/LED Photoelectric Lighting Industry Expo in 2021 is in full swing, Creatwit’s sales director Jian Chen went to Shaanxi Sign Industry Association to visit the industry on March 13 with the chairman Zhao Guangqun and other staff. Units, and seek common development.

In recent years, with the economic development of the Northwest, the advertising industry has also shown a trend of rapid development, and the demand for 3D printers for advertising characters is also increasing. Creatwit has been deeply involved in the 3D printer industry for many years. The K8 industrial-grade 3D printer, which has been on the market, has stable performance and fast printing speed, and has won unanimous praise in the industry.

During this visit to the Shaanxi Industry Association, Covid can not only understand the development trend of the advertising industry in Northwest China, but also exchange and share new ideas and new technologies in the industry with outstanding colleagues. Chen Jian said: "In the past, the traditional advertising industry relied heavily on labor, etc., and could not be produced in batches. How to make the production and manufacturing of advertising signs tend to be standardized, automated, and intelligent, while at the same time, it can better integrate innovative technology and ingenuity culture. , This is what Covid will further explore.

Advertising logos are a city business card. How to make these logos have far-reaching dissemination, and let the new generation who grow up feel the meaning of innovation, so as to make the entire industry more valuable, is also what Covid thinks when digging into the market direction.

Introduction to Shaanxi Provincial Sign Industry Association: Formerly known as the Sign Professional Committee of the Shaanxi Advertising Association, it was founded in 2008 and was approved by the Shaanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department to establish the country’s first provincial-level sign industry association in 2013, which is engaged in sign Design, logo manufacturing related industry chain (including smart logo, advertising production, printing, exhibition, photoelectric, materials, equipment) and other related experts and other related enterprises and institutions, with more than 170 members.

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