Creatwit Luminous LED letter 3D Printer


Light-emitting character 3D printing technology, also known as "additive manufacturing technology", is a process of constructing the shell of light-emitting character layer by layer printing based on the digital model file and using the adhesive material of plastic. It's kind of like creaming, layer upon layer, to make a product.

Creatwit industrial-grade luminous word 3D printer may become the main force of 3D printer in advertising word industry in the future, because this kind of intelligent production method will gradually replace the traditional advertising word production process, and become the "unique secret" for manufacturers to choose to make luminous word.

What changes have 3D printers brought to the advertising industry?

First of all, brought the industrial upgrading, so that the traditional advertising word industry depends on the production mode, from artificial production into intelligent equipment production process. It's the equivalent of driving a car instead of a horse carriage.

Secondly, you can get rid of the dependence on human beings. In the past, traditional word factories must have a group of skilled workers. In the current environment, the shortage of labor is becoming more and more serious, and the rising cost has been unable to support the whole industry to adopt such a mode of operation. It is bound to lead to more factories to think about replacing labor with equipment. Luminescent word 3D printer can perfectly replace the traditional labor, but also achieve mass production, lower cost.

Again, the luminous character presents more diversified. In the past, luminous words are artificial production, unable to achieve more "unrestrained" design, and now the luminous words 3D printer, is a machine production, luminous words can not only standardize, but also make the production process more creative. For example, you can print out wavy, diamond, arc and other side styles, and combine them with panels such as checkered pattern, zebra pattern, plum pattern, and cross pattern, so you can easily produce dozens of types of luminous characters.

The emergence of new things, it indicates the arrival of a new wave of development, in the advertising word industry, undoubtedly the most important thing to seize, is to use 3D technology to seize the market opportunity. Are you ready?