Creatwit:The 3D printer of luminous characters


In recent years, 3D printed advertising luminescent words have attracted a lot of attention. It can be said that through different production methods, an innovation process of luminescent words has been triggered. The business opportunities behind this have also attracted the attention of many advertising industry peers.

What is the 3D printing advertising luminous word process?

The past the production of advertising advertising words, are the traditional luminous words, and now 3 d is a new technology instead of traditional print advertising light-emitting word handmade, and through the intelligent manufacturing a revolution of the whole industry, predictably, future factory will upgrade transformation luminous word, use 3 d printing comprehensive advertising light-emitting word.

Because 3D printing of luminous characters has abandoned the traditional disadvantages of big smell, dust and heavy noise, it has been quickly recognized by the market through the advantages of environmental protection, no smell, no dust in the processing process, no noise in the production process, and personalized customization and mass production.

Luminous character 3D printer and traditional 3D printer are two concepts, there are great differences:

First, the traditional 3D printer, printing format is not large, but the printing height is high. The luminous character 3D printer, the printing format is large, but the printing height is low. The maximum molding size of the industrial-grade 3D light-emitting characters printer independently developed by Covede can reach 800*800*85mm, which can almost meet the demand size of most light-emitting characters in the market.

Second, traditional 3D printers generally use a single nozzle, unable to print two colors at the same time. The 3D luminous word printer produced by Covede adopts two-color single nozzle, two-in-one-out design, which can automatically change color, without manual color change, and can easily print materials of two different colors at the same time.

The side shapes and styles of advertising words produced by Creatwit 3D printer are diverse, including trapezoid, round wave, sharp cone wave, dome shape, etc.

Creatwit 3D printed advertising word panel has rich styles and supports creative development, which can be used in grid pattern, zebra pattern, checkerboard pattern, diamond pattern, cross pattern, Chinese knot pattern and so on.

At present, there are three kinds of panel technology for advertising words.

The first is the 3D printing panel technology. The panel style supports hollow out pattern, and the side style supports straight edge, bevel edge and irregular shape. The picture is a hollowed-out advertising word using 3D printing panel process.

The second is acrylic panel process, side style support straight edge, special-shaped.

The third is the glue panel process, side style support straight edge, bevel, special-shaped.

K8 advertising word 3D printer printed advertising word appearance is beautiful and generous, compared to the seamless welding of Seiko technology, 3D printing technology is completely integrated molding, without cutting, bending, slotting, welding, grinding and other processes, the production of the bending is more exquisite and more standard; Can also be customized according to the needs of creative processing, the production of minimal luminous words; The colors are rich and the materials are more environmentally friendly.

The current process has been better than the market can choose model process, Covide team is still in the innovation research and development.

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