value of a 3D printer for luminous letters


In recent years, with the maturity of 3D printer technology, advertising word industry also ushered in a new spring. For traditional manufacturers, the introduction of 3D printing technology will "add wings to a tiger", not only improve production efficiency, but also significantly increase profits. So, how to choose the luminous character 3D printer?

Needless to say, we must choose the brand with strong technical strength. As one of the earliest Chinese enterprises to enter the field of 3D printers, Covide started from independent research and development in 2015, and now it has become a leading brand of light-emitting characters 3D printers that are highly recognized by customers. The K8 industrial-grade high-precision luminous character 3D printer developed has been continuously flying around the world, bringing new experience to the local advertising industry and winning unanimous praise from manufacturers and companies in the industry.

In the past, traditional manufacturers are using engraving machine, blister machine, plasma cutting machine, punching machine, welding machine and other processes for the whole process processing, investment costs often hundreds of thousands of yuan, and advertising word 3D printer only needs a fraction of the traditional machine, can produce the same quality of luminous words. At present, it only takes one month to increase profits for manufacturers.

General 3D luminous word printers are manual leveling, easy to produce waste products, and K8 is automatic leveling, completely without manual, but also greatly improve the success rate of printing finished products. This function belongs to "the only one" in the market at present. Only with strong innovation ability can it be favored by consumers and move forward in the market tide.