Signage 3D Printer K6 Introduction


We have introduced channel letter 3D printer, which enjoys good praises among our customers. What about another signage 3D printer-- K6 ?


Another Powerful Signage 3D Printer

Utilizing advanced technology in K8, K6 is designed to meet the printing demands of smaller size.

Powered by eight main features, K6 is capable of handling bulk printing tasks and keeping on stable performance.



Advanced Auto Leveling

While we using FDM 3D printer, the very first step is leveling, which guarantees printing fine 3D models. Poor leveling will lead to printing failure and filament waste.With advanced imported sensors, K6 nozzle can accurately collect data from every point on heated bed, evaluating the horizontal level to adjust printing distance.


Industrial High Printing Speed

Printing speed is significant for printers. K6 has industrial leading print speed, which ensures the producibility of printing signage shells and still keeping stable.


Recover printing function

What if printing task is cut off accidentally ? K6 supports recover printing function, which avoid printing failure caused by accidents such as power cut-off. Printing task will recover when power supply is normal again.


A quiet 3D printer

It is unfriendly that many industrial machine making noise while working. But the story never happen to K6 because it adopts a motherboard, empowering it and keeping it work quietly.


Other features:

  1. Easy to operate
  2. Multiple printing graphics style
  3. Various colors printing
  4. Cost effective
  5. Creatwit one-stop service