What are the advantages of 3d channel letters


There are a variety of channel letter products on the market, such as crystal word, mini word, super word, etc. in recent years, there has been a new channel letter product - 3D channel letter. Once launched, this kind of product has been loved by major word manufacturers and consumers. So, what are the 3D channel letter that can be so successful?

1.Environmental protection

In the case of vigorously promoting environmental protection and green production in China, 3D channel letters are known as the "green products" of word manufacturers because they do not produce peculiar smell, no pollution and low noise in the production process. At the same time, because 3D channel letters are mainly manufactured by channel letter 3D printer, there is basically no waste of materials, so it is the best product most in line with the transformation and upgrading of word manufacturers.


Compared with the traditional way of making characters, the production process of 3D channel letters is simple and integrated, without many traditional processes and complicated processes; Direct is industrial flow production. It makes the 3D channel letters more standard and the model more exquisite. More importantly, 3D channel letters are not limited by traditional processes and materials, and can be produced as long as they are designed.



3D channel letters are mainly produced by 3D printer. The whole production process can be completed only by manually installing lights and base plate in the later stage. During this period, the cost of other equipment and personnel was reduced, which fundamentally saved a considerable cost. Therefore, after it was launched into the market, it quickly occupied the market with exquisite modeling and affordable price.



In the early days, 3D channel letters were mostly used in manufacturers and other environments to avoid outdoor use due to materials. However, with the continuous progress of technology, the current 3Dchannel letters materials can already be used outdoors, which greatly expands the market of 3D channel letters, and its application range is also available from indoor to indoor and outdoor.