What is the function of channel letter 3D printer?


Nowadays, more and more channel letter manufacturers begin to batch or introduce 3D printers as advertising sign production equipment, which indicates that the existing advertising sign manufacturers begin to try again or introduce new equipment, and begin to use emerging equipment products to make new products and promote them to the market. In terms of the current market performance of 3D channel letter, 3D channel letters are deeply loved by users because of their low price, unique shape and reducing the production cost of manufacturers.



Among them, its unique advantage is unmatched by tradition, that is, as long as the product style is designed, it can be made by 3D printer. This advantage is comparable to many traditional word making processes. Therefore, many advertising sign manufacturers began to use professional advertising sign 3D printers to make 3D channel letters to seize the market and improve their market share. Today's advertising sign 3D printer not only has a much more mature technology than a few years ago, but also has a more stable performance. After being invested in advertising sign manufacturers, it not only reduces the labor cost and improves the efficiency, but also, more importantly, under the background of environmental protection production in China, the materials used are basically degradable consumables, which completely solves the pain point of environmental protection, It has become a new direction for traditional manufacturers and individual entrepreneurship.


As a manufacturer specializing in the production of 3D printing equipment, creatwit has been engaged in manufacturing advertising sign 3D printers for 7 years. It adopts Seiko modules from Germany and uses the latest technologies such as automatic leveling, double gear double extrusion and intelligent software to give users a better experience. So, what can the current advertising sign 3D printer do for advertising sign manufacturers? Let's analyze it with kovid:


First, reduce the investment cost of manufacturers


In fact, 3D printing of advertising signs did not start in recent years, but began to appear as early as 2016. But at that time, many equipment had various problems, such as nozzle blockage, frequent wire drawing and flying in the printing process, equipment often suddenly stopped running, unable to automatically change the color of consumables, extremely slow printing speed, etc. However, with the continuous development of science and technology, the current advertising sign 3D printer has overcome these problems and entered a stable period. At present, it has been widely recognized in the industry. The most important thing is that the price of advertising sign 3D printer is becoming cheaper and more cost-effective. It only needs to invest in the general price of traditional equipment to batch arrange 3D printers, while reducing manual support. It is undoubtedly the first choice for many word manufacturers to upgrade equipment and start a business.


Second, help the transformation and upgrading of factories and smart factories
At present, the global manufacturing industry is accelerating towards the digital and intelligent era, and intelligent manufacturing has a greater and greater impact on the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. Intelligent manufacturing is presented in the form of intelligent factory. The realization of intelligent manufacturing can shorten the product development cycle, save energy and environmental protection, reduce labor cost and improve production efficiency. 3D printing technology is a subdivision of intelligent manufacturing. It is forward-looking to use advertising sign 3D printer to make advertising signs. Before 3D printing technology was introduced into the field of advertising sign production, the word shell production of traditional advertising sign generally needs to go through multiple processes such as cutting, bending, slotting, welding and grinding, and the production process is very complex. Each process requires different technical staff to participate in the production, and the requirements for the work quality of operators are also very high. In view of the high cost and technicality of advertising sign production, advertising sign 3D printer can win the market in the advertising industry. Using 3D printers to make advertising signs, a slightly skilled worker can operate 5 to 20 sets at the same time to realize intelligent factory production of advertising signs.


Third, add the production mode of "multi variety and small batch"


In the era of more and more individuality, consumers have higher and higher requirements for design and personalization. Consumers no longer like to see the same design. They like the design with unique personality. On the other hand, when facing too many brands, good design can not only help consumers get rid of this chaotic state, but also an important tool for enterprise products to be "seen". Nowadays, the advertising sign 3D printer is used to make advertising signs and advertising signs, and create original 3D channel letters, which makes the products more personalized and diversified, and brings unexpected surprises to the advertising sign industry. The production of 3D luminous characters will not increase the cost. In terms of traditional manufacturing, the more complex the shape of the object, the higher the manufacturing cost. However, for 3D printers, the cost of manufacturing items with complex shapes will not increase accordingly. If the advertising signs and signs you provide are personalized and original, and the price also meets the market requirements, it will bring great competitiveness in the market. This way of manufacturing diversification without increasing the cost will fundamentally change the market demand and realize the production mode of "multi variety and small batch" by using channel letter 3D printer.


Creatwit has been committed to developing better, more stable and more mature 3D printers for advertising signs. It hopes that 3D printers can better help advertising signs, so that more advertising sign manufacturers can better reduce costs, reduce labor expenses and launch more products. At the same time, it also hopes to help manufacturers transform into intelligent manufacturers with the help of 3D printing technology, Better enjoy the changes brought by technology.