Difference between K8 and ordinary 3D printer


As a new technology at the forefront of the market, 3D printing has experienced more than three years of development in the advertising industry and has been widely recognized by the market. In the face of the upgrading and transformation of the traditional luminous sign factory, the company of Piocreat 3D has developed a special 3D printer for the luminous sign advertising industry - K8 industrial channel letter 3D printer, which provides a full set of 3D printing solutions for the luminous sign advertising industry.



Many users think that the luminous sign 3D printer is an ordinary 3D printer. This understanding is wrong. Today, let's talk about the basic difference between luminous advertising sign 3D printer and traditional 3D printer:


1. Compared with the traditional 3D printer, the printing format of the luminous sign 3D printer is larger, but the printing height will be lower than that of the traditional printer. The forming size of the K8 luminous sign 3D printer can reach 800 * 800 * 85mm, meeting most of the required sizes of luminous signs.



2. Traditional 3D printers generally use a single nozzle, which can only print one color. K8 luminous sign 3D printer adopts two in one out two-color single nozzle printing, which can print materials of two different colors at the same time. The luminous sign 3D printer can change the color automatically without manual work, and can complete the color change in one second.



3.The printing model of ordinary 3D printer needs 3D modeling, while K8 luminous word 3D printer does not need modeling. It imports professional software to generate 3D files. 2D is directly converted to 3D. The slicing is simple and fast, and the cutting file of surface and bottom plate is exported with one key.



4.K8 luminous sign 3D printer is an innovative 3D luminous word shell production equipment. The word shell has various forms, colorful color changes, mass production of word shell, no dust, no waste gas and friendly operation environment. It can effectively improve production efficiency and save labor. Choose K8 luminous word 3D printer to make 3D luminous words with lower cost and higher efficiency.