3D printing brings new opportunities


In the advertising industry, various advertising signs play a more direct display role in various types of shopping malls and stores, which can attract consumers' attention and deepen consumers' impression of the brand. In fact, many dazzling luminous advertising signs can be completed by 3D printing. Advertising production is a highly customized industry, because the name and business of each company are completely different, and the strong customization ability is one of the biggest advantages of 3D printers. It can bring broader design space, higher efficiency, significantly reduce product life and cost for the advertising word production industry, and has obvious advantages. The transmittance of 3D printing luminous word shell can be flexibly adjusted by setting the printing thickness.


3D printing technology appeared in the 1980s, but the development of market application end only broke out in recent years. Because the general public and traditional industries generally have cognitive lag, they believe that 3D printers are still very complex and expensive, but now the application of 3D printing has been very mature, and the cost of equipment and materials has been greatly reduced in recent years.


In terms of materials, ordinary PLA can be used for 3D printing indoor luminous words, with relatively affordable price and rich colors. Advertising sign only needs a shell, the density of plastic is very low, and the actual material cost is very low.



In terms of process flow, 3D printing also has great advantages:



Simple process: traditional advertising words need 7-10 processes such as grinding, painting, slotting, bending and welding, while 3D printing can form word shell with one click, which greatly simplifies the process and is easy to make, and can be operated without training professional technicians.



Lower cost: with the simplification of the process, the labor and time costs are greatly reduced, and there is no need to be on duty in the 3D printing process. One person can operate multiple equipment at the same time to avoid working overtime and staying up late.



Diverse styles: if you need more creative luminous channel letters, 3D printing also gives almost unlimited design freedom. Just output the designed font 3D model to the 3D printer.
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