The characteristics of channel letter 3D printer


As an emerging way of channel letter manufacturing process, many characteristics such as beautiful and generous advertising font, diverse styles and simple production made by using channel letter 3D printer make many word making factories begin to transform and upgrade one after another, and use channel letter 3D printer to replace the previous production method. So, what's good about using channel letter 3D printer? How are you doing in the market?


Features of 3D printing of channel letters:


As an emerging technology of additive manufacturing, channel letter 3D printer has the biggest advantage that it consumes as much material as it uses. In contrast, the channel letter 3D printer is printed layer by layer. Although there will be some phenomena such as wire drawing and flying wire, compared with the previous use of an acrylic board, only part of it can be cut for use, and the rest can only be thrown away or discarded if it can not be used. channel letter 3D printing can save a lot of materials. Moreover, the price of 3D printing materials is much lower than that of acrylic plate or resin.


Moreover, the channel letter 3D printer can print various fonts with changeable shapes. As long as the fonts to be printed are made into the three-dimensional digital module, the channel letter 3D printer can print out, and there is no need for special personnel to supervise in real time. One person can operate more than 10 machines at the same time. Of course, there are many features of channel letter 3D printer, but there are not many descriptions here. Let's see how it performs in the market?



Market performance of ad word 3D printer:



When the initial channel letter 3D printer entered the industry, many word making factories sensitive to industry changes noticed this emerging equipment and began to gradually buy and put into use. However, many problems such as immature printing technology, unstable performance and large consumption of consumables were not effectively solved at that time, so many word manufacturers who had not used channel letter 3D printers began to wait and see.



But with the passage of time, the shortcomings of channel letter 3D printer began to make up and began to make efforts in the industry. Nowadays, more and more word manufacturers begin to lay a large number of 3D printers. Therefore, the characteristics of 3D printers only need to do well in equipment maintenance and product printing. Multiple printers only need a few workers to complete the production of a complete set of channel letters. This allows many word manufacturers to continuously improve efficiency and reduce personnel costs.



Due to the characteristics of 3D printer, you only need a 3D digital model to print directly, ignoring the difficulty, which enables many original creative fonts to be displayed. In addition, limited by technology and materials, many fonts cannot be made at all, which makes many word manufacturers lose a lot of market. But the ad word 3D printer has no such problem and can support creative development!