Changes brought by 3D printing technology to signs


Every year, large enterprises in the advertising sign industry are eager to find new font types and expect the channel letters to be innovated. However, due to a series of reasons such as traditional word making equipment, difficulty in finding suitable raw materials and numbness in learning new technology, most of the traditional advertising signs are stereotyped and have no characteristics. The emergence of 3D printing technology has directly changed the current situation of traditional advertising signs!


In the past, the traditional high-end advertising logo customization is to complete the processing process of one material after another according to the personalized needs provided by customers. It will be limited by whether the advertising word factory has all the materials required by designers. According to the market visit, more than 60% of customers finally get the expected finished products and fail to realize the designer's creativity. The advantage of 3D printing technology is that what you want is what you get. As long as the designer can design it, 3D printing technology can make this font. The traditional word making technology can not meet the current situation. The application of 3D printing technology is the general trend.


For the advertising logo made by traditional technology, 3D printing technology can better meet the customization needs of customers. In this era of pursuing personalization, 3D printing luminous advertising words will bring fresh blood to the advertising identification industry. At present, judging from the market situation of luminous word 3D printing, the next few years will be the golden stage for luminous word 3D printing to move towards the field of advertising. For so many years, the advertising exhibition has been updated with one or two hundred font types every year. With 3D printing technology, this update can be upgraded to thousands of types.


With the deepening of 3D printing technology in the advertising industry, designers who use it for a long time will create more and more new font types. 3D printing technology will not only make the luminous characters in the market diverse, but also let the luminous characters customers enjoy a wider range of choices.