The equipment of a luminous channel letter factory


Looking at all kinds of shiny and dazzling luminous advertising signs in streets and alleys or high-end shopping malls, many people who want to invest or start a business want to open a luminous word processing factory or a word factory. So the question is, what equipment does it need to open a luminous word factory? Now let's see what equipment kevid needs for you:


First of all, we should prepare the most basic equipment: engraving machine (or laser engraving machine), luminous word welding machine and word bending machine. These three kinds of equipment are the most basic equipment of a luminous word factory. Of course, if you need to punch luminous words, you also need plasma cutting machine, punching machine, welding machine and blister machine.



To achieve metal edge wrapping or metal luminous words, slotting machine, angle folding machine, bending machine, rounding device, magnetic column locator, etc. are required.



Is it a little confused to see so many equipment on the door? To tell the truth, the above all say that the equipment required by the traditional luminous word factory is mainly invested in equipment, followed by labor. The technology required by each equipment is different, so special personnel are needed to be responsible for its use. In this way, light equipment and labor account for 70% of the total investment, not counting the site and materials. So is there a luminous word factory that can be made without so much equipment investment and manual investment?


That's true, for example, making 3D luminous channel letters. Now 3D luminous channel letters are also very popular in the market. The most important thing is that they are not limited by technology and materials. They can be made as they want, which is very popular with young people. Making 3D luminous channel letters only needs a laser engraving machine and a luminous channel letter 3D printer. It requires less equipment, less labor and less space, which can be said to be the most suitable direction for startups.



The above are some opinions on what equipment is needed to open a luminous channel letter factory. For example, if you need to know more about luminous channel letters and luminous sign 3D printers, you can browse creatwit's official website to learn more.