How much is a 3D printing luminous channel letter machine?


3D printing luminous characters are the fresh blood of entering the advertising word industry in recent years, which makes up for many problems that are difficult to be solved by traditional technology. 3D printing luminous characters realize that the font is light and easy to install, and can be used indoors and outdoors.



Is it expensive for 3D printing luminous word machine to make advertising words?



I believe that many customers use 3D printing technology to make luminous character shells. The first consideration is whether the use cost is expensive or not? Cost is a new technology into the traditional industry we are most concerned about. Compared with traditional technology, 3D printing technology will have greater advantages in the traditional market if it can save more money.



In particular, 3D printing equipment that can work stably for a long time can create value for you! K8 luminous word 3D printer adopts two in one out design, which can realize color conversion in one second without manual refueling. It also adopts metal double drive double extrusion gear and Teflon tube auxiliary feeding to make the printing process more smooth. XYZ axis adopts industrial high-end packaging module, and the repeated positioning accuracy can reach 0.02mm, showing the details perfectly. K8 channel letter 3D printer serves the advertising industry and makes a luminous word 3D printer truly in line with the advertising industry.



The materials for 3D printing luminous characters are completely environmental friendly, without pungent smell, and there is no need for painting after treatment. The 3D printed luminous channel letters are made of additive materials, which has no waste in use and the actual cost is very low.



How about 3D printing luminous channel letter?



The 3D luminous characters produced by creatwit K8 luminous channel letter 3D printer have diversified sidebands. The shell gathers materials of various colors on one product to meet the individual appearance needs of customers, and can make the desired shapes, such as mini characters, super characters, luminous characters, edge wrapped characters, vertical characters, bottom shell, support, upper and lower steps, etc. The common 3D printing luminous channel letters on the market can be produced by K8 luminous letter 3D printer.




How about the production process of 3D printing luminous channel letters?



The production process of traditional advertising luminous characters is complex and time-consuming. In the whole production process, each process requires the participation of different professional workers. Therefore, the technical proficiency of workers has become the key factor to determine the production efficiency of the whole advertising characters. Even experienced professional advertising luminous character production units generally need about 5 days to produce a set of advertising luminous characters with the size of several square meters and a small number of words, which are common on the street. With the luminous word 3D printer to make advertising words, it can be completed on the same day, and it is more efficient to receive orders and ship goods!