The future development direction of luminous sign 3D printer - large size, high speed and intelligence-Creatwit


1、 3D printing technology suitable for advertising luminous letters.



The characteristics of advertising luminous character shell materials are high temperature resistance, toughness, light transmission and non light transmission, non-conductive, not afraid of ultraviolet rays, etc. the modified PLA consumables used in the 3D printing technology of melt lamination can meet these characteristics, and it is also an environmental protection material. Fused deposition modeling (FDM) is to heat and melt the filamentous hot-melt materials. At the same time, under the control of the computer, the three-dimensional nozzle selectively coats the materials on the workbench according to the section profile information, and forms a layer of section after rapid cooling. After one layer is formed, the machine workbench drops a height (i.e. layer thickness) and then forms the next layer until the whole solid shape is formed. Extended to the advertising industry, it is especially suitable for the production of mini luminous characters with complex structure. 3D printing can not only realize the integrated molding of advertising luminous letters, but also save labor without cutting, bending, slotting, welding, grinding and other processes. It can also realize creative personalization and make various new fonts at will according to the needs of advertising users. Innovation in the advertising industry requires new processes, and the emergence of high-speed 3D printers for melting laminated luminous letters makes the production of advertising letters more flexible.



2、 Luminous letter 3D printer in line with the advertising industry



(1) Large size forming platform



According to the market research, how large can luminous characters be made? What is the maximum specification and what is the minimum specification? Generally speaking, the most common luminous word production is in the range of 50-1000mm. If you want to be bigger, it is not impossible, but there is not much demand. Therefore, the forming size of 3D printer conforming to the production of luminous letters plays a key role.


At present, most of the common luminous word 3D printers in the market are 400-600mm in forming size. The forming size of keweide luminous word 3D printer has a variety of specifications of 500mm / 600mm / 800mm. Taking 800mm equipment as an example, its forming size is 800mm * 800mm * 85mm, which can produce 5-1500mm luminous letters. When making mini luminous characters, multiple sets can be printed at the same time. When making larger luminous characters, characters or patterns can be split for printing, and luminous characters of more than 1500mm can be made.



(2) High speed printing meets the requirements of factory use.



In manufacturing enterprises, the key to a number of effective measures to control costs is "efficiency". Efficient production mode is the key factor to determine the cost. What are the disadvantages of using 3D printing to make luminous letters? Compared with the traditional process of making luminous letters, the process of 3D printing is relatively slow. Fast printing technology can solve the problem of slow 3D printing speed, so that 3D printing luminous letters can realize batch and rapid production.



The motor, extruder, fan and optical axis of the equipment shall be made of high-quality brand materials to ensure that the equipment can achieve good use effect.



(3) Intellectualization is suitable for factory R & D



The large-size luminous word 3D printer is difficult to move because of its large appearance and length and width of more than one meter. Four lockable pulleys are installed at the bottom, which can be pushed freely, making it more convenient and space-saving in the application of 3D printing luminous word factory.



The luminous word 3D printer is equipped with the function of material breakage detection, early warning and continuous printing as standard. This function will bring you great convenience in your future use. The alarm can be automatically suspended after the materials are used up, and the printing can be continued after the materials are replaced, so as to avoid the empty printing of the machine; When the material is broken or entangled, the alarm will be automatically suspended, and the printing will continue after the problem is solved to avoid damage to the equipment, and there is no need to reprint to waste man hours; The utilization rate of each roll of material can be increased to 99%, and there is no need to worry about whether the material is enough to print, and the new material can be replaced directly after use. Produce more efficiency for the factory.




3D printing equipment that can work stably for a long time can create value for you! High speed printing can bring efficiency. The 3D printing size, speed, structure and cost of keweide luminous word 3D printer meet the needs of customers in the advertising industry. Its stability and large size will win more market space for your. Serving the advertising industry and making a luminous word 3D printer truly in line with the advertising industry is keweide's historical mission. The successful launch of advertising luminous word 3D printer is a big step forward for the 3D printing industry and the advertising industry.