The application of 3D printer in signs making


What is the 3D illuminated signs?3D illuminated signs is made with the 3D printer. It is novel style and three-dimensional, which is eye-catching. Most of the traditional illuminated signs are used outdoors, which are usually made of metal, plastic-absorbing and resin materials, requiring cutting machine, bending machine and other equipment, it is relatively high requirements. Today we'll introduce the application of 3D printer in advertising signs making.


First, what equipment is required to make a signs with 3D printer? A 3D printer, a cutting machine, and a curing machine if glue. The face and bottom plates are flat and do not have to build mold, and they can be made directly from an acrylic plate or printed by a 3D printer.

Export the digital model of pre-designed signs or put the vector illustration into our provided software to generate 3D digital model file.The software supports the CDR vector graph format engraving format.  


When the file conversion is completed, set the value of the desired edge size, speed, height, temperature in the software, directly import the memory disk or SD card into the device card slot, and you can start printing. The operation is also one-click. Click the "Print" button to select the file required to print, and the printer begins to automatically print the luminous sign shells. The device color display shows the printing speed and print completion time, its speed and temperature can be adjusted.


After the sign shell is printed, the panel carved by the engraving machine sticks with the word edge of the 3D printer. After the glue drys, install the LED lights,  A complete 3D printed signs is finished.


The whole production process does not require technical threshold, which reduces labor costs and improves the efficiency of signs making. It is a new direction of traditional signs for manufacturing factories and personal entrepreneurship.


Here are some of the cases where we made ad signs with a 3D printer: